A little clock hides the universe

À¸Ä¿£º News date£º2022-6-20

Hanging a clock and setting a floor clock at home is a very common behavior - the time telling function of the clock and the floor clock. However, from the perspective of Feng Shui numerology, there are many philosophies hidden in the clock.

First of all, the clock represents gold: for people who are hungry for gold, putting a clock at home can supplement gold luck. That is, people born from February to May of the Gregorian calendar should hang a gold clock at home to increase their luck!

Another function of the clock is to turn five yellow and two black. As we all know, the biggest evil star is five yellow and two black every year. Wuhuang is also called zhengguansha, also known as Wuhuang Dasha, also known as the God of plague. Wherever you go, it makes people confused and do dangerous things, such as car disasters, floods, fires, etc.

Why can the clock exorcise ghosts? Reason: the spirit world is afraid when it sees time. Ghosts are most afraid of being prompted about reincarnation and time. The spirit knows nothing about time and space, and is unwilling to accept the fact of time and space. Therefore, it will not stay next to the clock, especially the ringing clock. The jingling bell can crack five yellow and two black, and has the ability to expel ghosts.

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